Membership – Application New Institution

Meaning: You start with vacuumbiopsies (as a beginner or expert) in a center which has not been registered yet

Procedure to get registered = Accreditation

  1. You have to apply for SGS (Swiss society of Senology) Membership then you will automatically achieve the MIBB membership
  2. You have to participate at the MIBB-certification course to get informed about the MIBB-background
  3. Confirmation about 20 performed vacuumbiopsies under supervision
  4. Please fill in the application form new institution (accreditation) and send it to mibb(at)
  5. The accreditation process of an institution will be charged (accreditation charge institute),
    followed by the regular fees once a year (annual contribution of the institution and contribution for each performed vacuumbiopsy)


Membership – Application New Institution