The benefits and obligations of being a MIBB member

MIBB members are eligible to:
  • Receive and maintain theMIBB institution and individual operator certification
  • Contribute to biopsy data collection and consensus conferences based on this data
  • Receive the latest information about current MIBB research
  • Contribute to a large interdisciplinary network in breast cancer care in Switzerland
  • Present and discuss your experiences, your vision and projects in yearly conventions
By joining the MIBB society, institutions and operators agree to fulfil the following conditions:
  • To maintain the certification the following number of cases is required annually:
  • 20 VAB interventions in the institution
  • 12 VAB interventions by the certificated physician
  • Agreement to adhere to the quality assurance measures by entering all vacuum-assisted-biopsies (VAB) into the MIBB-database (
  • Able to pay the annual certification costs based on the number of VABs entered into the database.