Certification of an institute

MIBB-certification of institutions performing VABs

For an institution that plans to introduce the performance of VABs, the accreditation of the institute is necessary to guarantee quality standards. Individual physicians can only obtain their certification, if the institution at which they are associated,  is accredited.

Requirements of institutions for initial MIBB-certification
  • Present a responsible physician for VAB in this institute
  • The responsible physician must present prove of sufficient experience in the first year of activity
  • Collaboration with a pathology institute, which applies Swiss pathology society guidelines.
  • Adequate state of the art equipment to perform the VABs:
    • Mammographic-guided VABs: Dedicated stereotactic-guided and/or tomosynthesis-guided biopsy and compression device
    • MRI guided VABs: Dedicated MRI-compatible biopsy and fixation device. Use of high-field MRI (1.5T or 3T magnet) and dedicated breast coil
    • Ultrasound guided VABs: Availability of dedicated breast ultrasound machine with high resolution probes (> 12.5 mHz)
    • Vacuum biopsy device with needle size < 12 G and sufficient vacuum aspiration power
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration (networking and conferences)
  • Fill in the online application form for new institutions (click here).


  • Payment of the certification fee (see „membership and accreditation fees“)
Requirements to be fulfilled by the institution after initial certification
  • Performance of at least 20 minimal invasive breast biopsies per year at the certified institution
  • Performance of at least 12 minimal invasive breast biopsies per year by each certified physician
  • Entering all data of  VAB cases into the Adjumed-Database fulfills the mandatory participation at the MIBB working group quality assurance program
  • Annual payment of the data processing fees at adjumed.

Online MIBB online Application form Institut: