Certification of experts

Requirements of an «Expert» associate for individual MIBB-certification
  • „Expert“ is defined as any physician who performed more than 12 VABs annually within the last 2 years.

Application process:

  • You are an expert (def see above) and start an activity in a MIBB-accredited institution in Switzerland
  • Member of the SGS applied or confirmed (SGS membership application)
  • Participation of the MIBB-certification course to refresh the knowledge of breast interventions if you come from abroad or ask for documentary for MIBB regulations (see page guidelines)
  • MIBB-certification course confirmed (please attach)
  • Confirmation of minimum 12 VAB independently performed. Submit confirmation template (RIS documentation) which includes the number of biopsies for each guidance method (DBT, MRI and/or US) and the corresponding time period
  • Fill in the online expert application form (click here)

Requirements to be fulfilled after initial certification:

    • Performance of at least 12 VABs per year
    • Entering all data of VAB cases into the Adjumed database

If the institution of the applicant is not accredited by MIBB, the institute certification  needs to be  completed first. After successful accreditation of the institution the individual can apply for a MIBB certification as described above.

When you are a member of the already registered institution, there will be no additional fee for yourself.    The institution will be charged annually for the registration and processing of the data inserted in the mibb data base (see «membership and accreditation fees»)

Online MIBB Application form Experts: