Who we are and what we do (Organization/ Activity)

Organisation MIBB working MIBB

The MIBB working group is part of the Swiss Society of SGS/SSS and all recognized operators are members of the working group

Core Team

Dr. G. Kampmann President MIBB
Dr. C. Kurtz
President MIBB
Prof. Dr. C. Rageth former president of senology
Prof. Dr. C. Rageth

Dr. G. Kampmann
L. Rageth MIBB Secretary & Adjumed
Dr. L. Rageth
MIBB Secretary & Adjumed
Dr. D. Schwegler-Guggemos Statistics
Dr. D. Schwegler-Guggemos
Dr. M. Sonnenschein
Dr. M. Sonnenschein
Prof. Dr. Z. Varga Pathology
Prof. Dr. Z. Varga
Dr. M. Maranta
Dr. M. Maranta
Dr. M. Dumont
Dr. M. Dumont

PD Dr. Rosanna Zanetti Dällenbach

Dr. Emmanuel David-Montefiore
PD Dr. Christoph Tausch

PD Dr. Christoph Tausch

Dr. Claudia Kurtz (President MIBB, Webpage and Hospitation, Radiology)
Prof. Dr. Christoph Rageth (Gynecology)
Dr. Luzi Rageth (MIBB Secretary and Adjumed)
Dr. Daniela Schwegler-Guggemos (Statistics, Radiology)
Dr. Martin Sonnenschein (Radiology)
Prof. Dr. Zsuzsanna Varga (Pathology)
Dr. Martina Maranta (Gynecology)
Dr. Miguel Dumont (Radiology)
PD Dr. Rosanna Zanetti Dällenbach (Gynecology)
Dr. Emmanuel David-Montefiore (Gynecology)
PD Dr. Christoph Tausch

The activities of the working group and the core team are:

  • Production and if necessary adaptation of information protocols
  • Website upkeep and maintenance of following subjects:
    • Centers and operators
    • Documents (consensus-meetings including MRI, information protocols, application forms, B-classification with indication for core needle and vacuum assisted biopsy , C-classification)
    • Memos/User guides (information about data entry and data analysis)
    • Links (SGS/SSS, Interdisciplinary S3-guidelines for diagnostic, therapy and aftercare in breast cancer)
    • MIBB database


  • MRI-guided vacuum-assisted breast biopsy: comparison with stereotactically guided and ultrasound- guided techniques by Thomas Imschweiler e. a.
  • Histological B3 lesions following minimal-invasive breast biopsy: Analysis of the MIBB database and recommendations for further management by Camilla Saladin

Annual meeting and Symposium

  • 8. SENOLOGIE UPDATE 2009 Thursday, 7.5.2009 Zurich (MIBB working group conference )
  • SGS/SSS annual meeting Thursday 11. November 2010, St. Gallen, Hotel Walhalla (with MIBB
  • working group meeting)
  • 1. Symposium MIBB 26.10.2011 Museum für Gestaltung Zurich (within SGS/SSS annual meeting)
  • 2. MIBB-Symposium 18. October 2012 in Breast Center Zurich
  • 3. MIBB-Symposium 2013 (within SGR and SGS annual meeting)
  • 4. MIBB-Symposium 2014 (Thema Tomosynthesis) within common annual meeting of austrian and swiss senology society
  • 5. MIBB-Symposium January 2016 (within IBUS-Seminar in Zurich)

Organisation of certificate courses

  • Symposium 2011: Workshop for proof of successfully carrying out of interventions on phantom
  • Baden 2013: Vacuum-assisted breast biopsy: certificate course
  • Baden February 2015
  • Lausanne August 2015
  • Luzern September 2016


The new webpage was created and implemented by a special group with the goal to provide essential informations about breast diagnostics with a special focus on the intervention procedures. This group is updating the webpage in consultation with the MIBB-Core team. Another aim is to create a network for specializing breast diagnosticians and to initiate a broader exchange of experiences (see also Hospitation Centers).

Dr C. Kurtz
Dr C. Kurtz
Implementation and Supervision of webpage

If you have any suggestions or questions concerning the webpage content please contact:

Claudia Kurtz
Radiological Breast Diagnostics
Cantonal hospital Lucerne via online contact sheet (below)!

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