Hospitation Centers

Hospitations for vacuumbiopsies

The purpose of this hospitation list is to provide you with information about other centers with the equipment of vacuumbiopsies you are interested in. This list allows you to contact a certain institution and ask about a special device (see contact person). It is also possible to ask the institution for an hospitation (attendance at a special vacuumbiopsy procedure).

Worth mentioning that the Biopsy Companies (Hologic, Mecco, BARD) should be informed about each hospitation in order to ensure sufficient transparency.

We kindly ask all MIBB-vacuumbiopsy users if they would be willing to offer further hospitation facilities. This would considerably help to increase the quality standards and also give the opportunity of a broader exchange of experiences. To get included in the list please contact claudia.kurtz(at)luks.ch

General hospitations

Within the next future we would like to set up a list of “General hospitation facilities”. This list is addressed to specializing breast diagnosticians who can work in another “breast institution” for a couple of days (1-5 days). The point is that many of the “experienced breast diagnosticians” have a certain workflow or approach to manage a certain finding, that is completely different managed in another institution.

The aim is to observe the workflow and approaches of other experts in order to extend your own knowledge. In this context a mutual exchange is possible (one person from one institution visits the other institution and vice versa ), or you can just take part at an hospitation in a certain institution you are interested in.

This is a non-profit organization and no further fees are charged. If you are interested to be a part of the “General hospitation facilities” please contact claudia.kurtz(at)luks.ch.

This list of “General hospitation facilities” will be set up within the next month.

General hospitations — coming soon

General hospitations — coming soon