Why we have to register the vacuumbiopsies

Since 2010 the Minimal Invasive Breast Biopsy (MIBB) is part of the list of benefits of the Swiss health insurance companies. The precondition for the admission to the list is to fulfill quality criteria including data collection in the MIBB database.

The competence to carry out and bill stereotactic and ultrasound guided vacuum biopsies is, therefore connected to the quality assurance program of the MIBB working group:
The Federal Department of Home Affairs (FDHA) in August 2010 has decreed in the amendment of the executive order of the obligatory health insurance (Ordonnance sur les prestation de l’assurance des soins, OPAS) that „Radiologisch und ultraschallgesteuerte minimal invasive Mammaeingriffe“ can be carried out only „Gemäss den Konsensus Statements der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Senologie (SGS) und der Arbeitsgruppe «Bildgesteuerte minimal invasive Mammaeingriffe»; Senologie – Zeitschrift für Mammadiagnostik und -therapie 2009; 6: 181–184.“.

The publication is based on decisions taken during an interdisciplinary consensus conference in April 2008 in Zurich. Evidence based and Swiss experience based guidelines for diagnostic and therapeutic steps were defined. In order to carry out MIBB qualifications on education and requirements regarding minimal case load and documentations were listed.

Structure requirements

Qualifications for diagnostic and therapeutic physicians who want to carry out MIBB:

  • Specialist in Radiology or Gynecology or Surgery
  • Evidence of participation on a workshop and evidence of a successfully carried out intervention on phantom
  • Proof of carrying out successfully 5 interventions under supervision, if MIBB just established in the institution and 20 if newly established.

Requirements to be fulfilled by the institution (Structure):

  • Process protocol for intervention and documentation
  • Collaboration with a pathology institute, which applies swiss pathology society guidelines
  • Biopsy device
  • Stereotaxic device and/or dedicated breast ultrasound machine
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration (networking)

Requirements to be fulfilled by the team after establishing the vacuumbiopsy phase (as part of the structure):

  • Mandatory participation to the MIBB working group quality assurance program
  • At least 12 MiBB / year / operateur
  • At least 20 MiBB / year / team


  • Quality assurance program of the MIBB working group using the internet-based data collection system for documentation, self-control and data analysis. www.mibb.ch
  • Definition of internal process protocols

Documents – Legal foundations

  • Regulation of EDI about the insurance benefits provided by to the obligatory health insurance (Krankenpflege- Leistungsverordnung KLV)
  • Foundation of the working group MIBB Bern, Sept. 5th 2008