Retrospective MIBB data Evaluation

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B3 lesions: Vacuum assisted excision (VAB) is sufficient for most cases except ADH. Analysis of the SWISS MIBB database.
Christoph Rageth, Genève and the MIBB core team (Emmanuel David-Montefiore, Genève, Miguel Dumont, St. Gallen, Martina Maranta, Chur, Gert Kampmann, Lugano, Claudia Kurtz, Luzern, Luzi Rageth, Zürich, Daniela Schwegler-Guggemos, Aarau, Martin Sonnenschein, Bern, Christoph Tausch, Zürich, Zsuzsanna Varga, Zürich, Rosanna Zanetti Dällenbach, Basel)
Poster presented at the 40th Congress of the Swiss Society of Senology, Lugano, 26.-28.9.2918; awarded as best poster at the senology congress;


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Lesions with unclear malignant potential (B3) after minimally invasive breast biopsy. Evaluation of vacuum biopsies performed in Switzerland and recommended further Management.
Saladin C, Haueisen H, Kampmann G, Oehlschlegel C, Seifert B, Rageth L, Rageth C, Stadlmann S, Kubik-Huch RA; MIBB Group.
In: Acta Radiol OnlineFirst (2016) as doi:10.1177/0284185115610931

MRI-guided vacuum-assisted breast biopsy: comparison with stereotactically guided and ultrasound-guided techniques.
Imschweiler T, Haueisen H, Kampmann G, Rageth L, Seifert B, Rageth C, Freiwald B, Kubik-Huch RA
In: Eur Radiol (2014) 24:128–135

Evaluation und Guidlines B3 Läsionen

(by Prof. Christopf Rageth)


Annual statistics of all VAB in Switzerland

(by Daniela Schwegler)

MIBB results 2018


MIBB results 2017