For Patients: Protocols about treament

US guided vacuumbiopsies (DE / FR / IT)

stereotactic/ tomosynthetic guided vacuumbiopsies (DE / FR / IT)

MR guided vacuumbiopsies (DE / FR / IT)

General brochures about breast cancer and Screening

Risks for the development of breast cancer

Aktiv gegen Brustkrebs (de)

Patient approval for statistic Evaluation

Patients should be informed about the data collection (DE/ FR)

Please find below an exemplary text for your documents to inform your patients about the data collection:
Further use of your data for scientific Research
Information from your medical history can help us understand more about the successes and failures in the prevention, detection and treatment of diseases. It is possible that your medical record is evaluated at a later date by employees of the hospital for scientific purposes and/or for quality assurance. The further use as well as the transfer of your data to third parties will in any case be in anonymized form and taking into account all applicable data protection regulations. However, if you do not wish that your data be used further, please inform your doctor / health care professional.

Patient aproval (de)

Patient approval (fr)